Tim Heywood Psychotherapy

Telling the stories of our own lives, to ourselves or to others, is probably the most fundamental way we make sense of who we are. Our stories can help us to find value in our experiences and to recognise that past events or patterns need not leave us stuck or lacking choices for the future.

Some personal stories may be positive and well-known, but others can be less easy to share. They may involve memories of difficult situations or traumatic events and can sometimes feel confusing or disconnected. Some of our experiences can even be buried so deep that we struggle to put them into words at all.

Theoretical Background

My approach is grounded in person-centred therapy. This focuses on the value and potential for positive change that we all have, even when past experiences or our current situation make this hard to accept. I also draw on developmental and attachment theories to help explore the influence of past relationships on how we feel about ourselves and others in the present. Exploring in this way can often be the key to making positive therapeutic change.

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